Kiitos Shop in English

What does Kiitos Shop do?

Kiitos Shop is an online shop that offers 2 major services. (1) Kiitos Shop sells Finnish designed or manufactured products to Japan. Kiitos Shop is both a retailer and a distributor in Japanese market. (2) Kiitos Shop offer 1-day or 2-day package tour services to Japanese tourists in Helsinki, Finland. We have offices in both Finland and Japan.

How do we sell?

The selling channel of Kiitos Shop is its own independent website. Kiitos Shop doesn’t sell on or Rakuten, nor its own physical stores, although Kiitos Shop do sell to local shops or distributors in Japan.

What do we sell?

Kiitos Shop focuses on Finnish goods. Kiitos Shop sells Arabia, Finlayson and Moomin products mainly, but we are also highly interested in Finnish products from small companies, entrepreneurs or individual designers who are short of resource to enter Japanese market. You can see our product line-up here.

What can we offer you?

If you are a Finnish designer or a Finnish company and you can offer us some free samples (or lend us some samples if the samples are quite expansive to you), we can put your products on our shop free of charge. (but we can’t guarantee to put everything from you on our website) Besides, Kiitos Shop also produces blog/video contents with topics about Nordic countries, Finland and Estonia. The content includes Finnish or Nordic products, Finnish culture, Finnish people, Finnish food, Finnish sauna, Finnish travelling information, Finnish cafe, Finnish restaurant, Finnish education or Finnish society and now still expanding to many new topics related to Finland or Nordic countries. If you want us to report your shop or restaurant in Japanese language on our website, please feel free to get contact with us.

Any questions or inquires, please feel free to get contact with us.

Email: info [at] or ken [at]